Common Name: variable flatsedge. Family Name: Cuscutaceae Species Code: CYDI Native Range: Southern Europe, Africa, Asia, and. Whole plants, Roots fibrous; tubers dark brown to black, irregularly shaped, cm long when fully grown. Each tuber has an apical bud and several lateral buds . Plants also recover quickly after fire and can tolerate at least several weeks of deep flooding (Cook et al., ). Currently, C. dactylon is listed.

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Weed Technology, 12 4: Weight and germination capacity of seeds of Cynodon dactylon L.

According to Coskuner et al. Vigorous crops and higher crop density may be important in reducing weed competition. Distribution Top of page C. It propagates by rhizomes, basal bulbs and tubers.

Cynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass)

In other annual broad-leaved crops such as soyabeans, sunflower and potatoes, graminicides are selective and generally effective, with haloxyfop-methyl and quizalofop-ethyl having perhaps the highest activity, followed by dotundus, and sethoxydim somewhat less effective Kempen, ; Johnson and Talbert, ; Bedmar, Intoxicacion natural con Cynodon dactylon pata de perdiz en un rodeo de cria. The risk of introduction of C.


Growth from plants originated from a runner may exhibit a different biomass partition than that from plants originated from a rhizome Fernandez, Weed Technology, 16 2: In Spain, when tubers of ‘tiger nuts’ are washed and crushed in water, the filtered white, milky-pepper tasting product is called ‘horchata’. Chaudhary and Revri, ; Govaerts, More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: US Fish and Wildlife Service, 24 pp.

It can establish in cooler climatic conditions than C. Sertkaya G, cinar A, Phillips MC, Moaisi K, Lescano de Rfos MC, The status of weed control in Jiangsu Province of China.

The activity of glyphosate on Klasifikais.

Cyperus iria – IRRI Rice Knowledge Bank

World Wide Web at http: Chufa Cyperus esculentus L. However, its negative attributes as a weed far outweigh its usefulness.

Journal of Biomedical Science, 10 1: Use of tillage to control Cynodon dactylon under small-scale farming conditions. Confirmation of the expanded growth model for a warm-season perennial grass.

Yellow nutsedge Cyperus esculentus control in peanut Arachis hypogaea as influenced by method of metolachlor application. The use of fungi for biological control of C. Environmental Requirements Once formed, the tubers are dormant and behave klaifikasi like seeds in being tolerant of frost and desiccation unlike those of Cyperus rotundus.



The rhizomes are mainly in the top 10 cm of the soil klasifikazi may penetrate to a depth of 35 cm Perez and Labrada, ; Phillips and Moaisi, Sulfentrazone enhances weed control of glyphosate in glyphosate-resistant soybean Glycine max. The fruit is a three-angled achene.

Agricultural importance An important and widespread weed in South and Southeast Asia. Journal of Arid Environments, 73 1: Also cultivators, chisels and drilling equipment allow runners and rhizomes to be distributed away from a given source. Spread by seed is generally regarded as being unimportant. Species richness and percent exotics are negatively correlated for the banks, but not correlated for the floors.